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Empowers you to directly reach your contact

Short message service is efficient service to send and receive text messages to and from mobile phones. This is fast, Easy and cost effective idea to promote businesses, Products and services through sending a Short code / Long code text messages customers, Subscribers and new leads.


  • Empowers actually make communication with customers
  • Saving your time to market accordingly
  • Provides the transmission of time-responsive knowledge
  • Confirm text message delivery
  • Your marketing messages are always welcome
  • Empowers you to appropriately target both new and existing customers
  • Boosts cost-efficiency and returns
  • It is GREEN!

For Lead Gen and associate marketer

For decently develop your brand personality through marketing. Important part of brand qualities is the tone of voice in advertising. Provides mobile users with a greater freedom of appearance (emotion, language and message duration). In the method of direct marketing, a salesperson uses the telephone to request potential customers to promote or purchase products or services.

Bulk Voice Call marketing

These are pre-recorded voice messages which are sent to mobile as well as landline across the country. These are computerized calls involve the automatic dialing of numerous numbers all at once using computer manage lists. This is technical base communication.


  • It can be easily managed with the right script and voice. As compare with the text based communication like emails or sms, voice calling can be more personal.
  • Voice calling gives you a benefit of connecting with people who can’t read due to illiteracy, or are visually impaired.
  • You can make thousands of calls at the same time, so if you have a large number of client base or marketing list, voice broadcasting is hard to beat in terms of developing marketing strategy.
  • Voice messaging can use for operating surveys and polls, developing marketing strategies and providing customer service.
  • It’s helpful for the users who can listen various messages according to the feedback they give.