1.5 Billion reasons to take a start

With a reach of 1.5 billion and counting globally, and 200 million users from India alone, it is WhatsApp’s ambition to become the leading chat-app-partner of choice for enterprises. Businesses can use the platform to drive conversations, carry out transactions and send out notifications to their customers with ease. Add to that rich messaging features such as images, emojis, location and files and you have your customer’s attention. Connect with Karix to take your business on WhatsApp.

A new way of mobile marketing

WhatsApp marketing is mobile messaging app with 800 million plus users across world wide. It requires a internet plan which is use by you for emails and browsing internet for sending the messages. It is the cheapest way of sending the messages across the world. WhatsApp attracting the marketer able to send text also image, Video, Audio etc.

Supports multiple formats

WhatsApp supports multiple formats like, Image, Videos, Audios, Vcards, Location. Because of these media files the marketing campaign through WhatsApp more clear for every marketers.

DND (Do Not Disturb) not applicable for WhatsApp

You can also forward marketing messages to DND numbers by WhatsApp as DND does not applicable for WhatsApp. Send text as well as multimedia marketing messages through WhatsApp to all contacts without the obligation of DND.

Way to move on for marketer through broadcast feature

Reach out to your targeted audience quicker than ever before. Through Broadcast feature, Broadcast lists are saved lists of messages recipients that you can repeatedly send broadcast messages without selecting them for every time. This lets you broadcast messages to your target audience within a seconds.