Doona customer service will never ask you for sensitive bank information; such requests are scams and should be reported immediately.

Please do not share your debit/credit card information, OTP, UPI/ATM pin, or other personal information with anyone claiming to be a Doona representative.

Doona does not have a customer service phone number or a helpline. Doona or its authorised representatives will NEVER request financial information from you. If you have encountered such an incident, please be aware that it is fraud and that you must report it immediately to avoid being a victim of a phishing attempt.

To get help with a Doona order, go to the ‘Help' section of the Doona app - there is no other way to get help.

Keep a watch out for:
  • Fake toll-free customer service numbers are advertised on websites outside of Doona.
  • Fake websites, blogs, or suspicious social media posts.
  • Suspicious links may have been sent to you via WhatsApp, SMS, or email.
  • Proactive phone calls from unknown numbers requesting personal/financial information.
  • Scammers will claim you have a pending refund in order to get you to reveal sensitive information.