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Why do business on Doona?

  • Unbeatable reach at your disposal.
  • Simple and stress-free business.
  • Make money quickly.

How to business on Doona

  • Become a partner.
  • Customers place orders.
  • Doing your service.
  • You get paid for your services.

Fee Structure

The lowest possible cost of doing business

Service on Doona is extremely cost-effective, transparent charges and a small fixed fee.

  • Settlement Amount

    Within 7-15 business days of dispatch, your bank account will be credited.

  • =
  • Order Value

    The selling price charge is paid by the customer and does not include any discounts offered by the vendor.

  • Marketplace Fee

    Includes payment gateway collection charges and selling commission.

  • GST

    18% of Marketplace Fee

* This may vary by category, service price, service distance, applicable taxes etc.

Selling Price


Commission Fee


Collection Fee




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